What is an SOP and why is it important for businesses?

What is an SOP and why is it important for businesses?

Updated on December 7, 2022 by Diony McPherson

An SOP, or Standard Operating Procedure, is a document that outlines the steps that must be followed in order to consistently complete a specific task or process within a business. SOPs are used to ensure that all employees are aware of and follow the same procedures, which helps to promote efficiency, consistency, and safety within the workplace.

Web-based businesses, such as SaaS companies, agencies, and tech companies, use SOPs for a variety of purposes. For example, SOPs can be used for employee onboarding and training, to ensure that new employees understand the processes and procedures of the company. SOPs can also be used for outsourcing tasks to external workers, such as virtual assistants, to ensure that these workers follow the same procedures as in-house employees.

However, creating and maintaining SOPs can be a time-consuming and tedious process, especially as businesses grow and evolve over time. Traditional methods of creating SOPs often involve manually documenting each step of a process, including writing detailed instructions and taking screenshots or videos. This can be a slow and labor-intensive process, and it can be difficult to keep SOPs up to date as processes change.

The traditional method of creating SOPs

Creating an SOP typically involves several steps. First, a team of experts is assembled to identify the specific task or process that the SOP will cover. This team may include managers, supervisors, and employees who are knowledgeable and experienced in the relevant area.

Next, the team will develop a detailed step-by-step outline of the procedures that must be followed. This outline should be clear and concise, and should cover all aspects of the task or process, including any necessary tools, materials, or safety precautions.

Once the outline is complete, the team will write a draft of the SOP, making sure to include any relevant regulations, standards, or guidelines. This draft will then be reviewed by the team and any necessary revisions will be made.

However, this traditional method of creating SOPs can be quite time-consuming and painful. It often involves multiple rounds of revisions and can be difficult to ensure that all employees are trained on and following the SOPs.


Introducing Dubble: a new tool for creating and maintaining SOPs

Fortunately, there is now a new tool called Dubble that makes creating and maintaining SOPs easy and painless. Dubble is a Chrome Extension that allows you to record a process simply by using your mouse and keyboard. As you perform the process, Dubble automatically documents each step with written instructions, screenshots, and even video.

For example, let's say you want to create an SOP for onboarding new employees at your web-based business. You can simply open Dubble and start recording the process, including logging into your company's HR system, filling out forms, and setting up email accounts. Dubble will automatically capture each step and create a detailed guide that you can share with new employees or export in HTML, Markdown, or PDF format.

One of the great things about Dubble is that it makes it easy to update your SOPs as your processes change. Using Dubble you can edit existing guides easily, modifying or removing steps as needed, uploading new ones, or recording new steps in existing guides.

How Dubble makes creating and maintaining SOPs a breeze

Dubble is incredibly easy to use, even if you're not a tech expert. Here's how it works:

  1. Install the Dubble Chrome Extension and sign up for a free account
  2. Open the Dubble extension and click the "Start Recording" button
  3. Perform the process that you want to document, using your mouse and keyboard
  4. Dubble will automatically capture each step and create a detailed guide
  5. Edit the guide (optional)
  6. Share the guide with your team or export it in HTML, Markdown, or PDF format

As you can see, creating and maintaining SOPs with Dubble is quick and simple. And because Dubble is a Chrome Extension, you can use it on any computer that has the Chrome web browser installed.

Using Dubble to create SOPs has several benefits over traditional methods. First, it is much faster and easier to use. Instead of spending hours or even days writing and revising a document, taking and editing screenshots, or perfecting a screen recording, you can simply record a process as you complete it, saving time and effort.

Second, Dubble's guides are more comprehensive and accurate than traditional SOPs. Because they are created by recording an actual process, they include not only written instructions, but also screenshots and video that show exactly what to do. This makes it easier for employees to understand and follow the SOP, reducing the risk of mistakes and improving the overall quality of their work.

Third, Dubble's guides can be easily shared with externals, such as virtual assistants or freelancers. This makes it easier for businesses to outsource certain tasks or processes, and ensures that externals are able to follow the SOP accurately and consistently.

Dubble is a valuable tool for businesses that want to create and maintain SOPs in a web-based environment. Its ease of use, comprehensive guides, and ability to share with externals make it a valuable addition to any business's toolkit.

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Last updated on December 7, 2022 by Diony McPherson

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